John M. Hoffman & Associates CPAs

Client Security

BAE Systems Encrypted Email

We currently use "BAE Systems" as a service to send secure emails of confidential documents. We do not use this for everyday emails back and forth with clients but we do like to use this when sending confidential attachments such as a "pdf" of your tax return.

Encrypted Email - How does it work? 

  1. We have subscribed to this service which allows us to send secure emails. It cost you nothing to receive emails from us this way.

  2. We will send you a secure email (only when we are transmitting personal information).

  3. The first time you receive a secure email through BAE Systems, there will be a link for you to a "Register". Click the "here" to register where you enter a name, your password, and a security question. PLEASE try to remember your password. Hit the "Register" box and you then have a chance to "login", using your password.

  4. When you are locked in you essentially have an "inbox" and you should see an email from me. You click on the email and you should see a yellow bar where the attachment is. Click on the blue "download" to download the pdf that was sent to you by this secure method. On my screen the pdf shows at the bottom left after downloading.

  5. These emails will expire with time so don't think you can go back in nine months and retrieve your tax return. I always suggest that after you download it you save it someplace secure on your computer.

  6. You can "reply" back to me from this email system, and you can even include an attachment which comes to me secure. If you ever need to send me something secure you can ask me to send you a secure email and you can then open the email and reply with your attachement.

  7. PLEASE do not reply "thanks" or something using this email because every email that is sent to me this way requires me to go to login etc. So - just use that feature for sending something secure and use normal email for normal enamil (like thanks I got it, or "wow - you are terrific".