John M. Hoffman CPAs

Client Security

With everything going on in our world regarding identity theft, we want to outline what we do to protect the security, the privacy, and the integrity of your materials.

We DO NOT send your materials to any other agency or company (such as shops in India) for preparation of your tax returns. Your data is handled exclusively by John M. Hoffman CPA and his employees and other workers that work in one of his offices (Savannah Georgia and Chestnut Hill Massachusetts).

Tax documents or anything with confidential financial information and anything as simple as a document with your social security number on it are shredded when disposed of.

When we send emails with attachments including tax or other financial documents, they are sent encrypted using a service called BAE Systems Email Encryption.

We are required to get a signed authorization from you the client if you request that my office disclose any tax documents (including W-2's) to anybody. Common requests are from clients wanting to obtain a mortgage, or (unfortunately) when getting divorced. We DO ACCEPT email requests as a written request.

What can you the clients do:

Do not consider responding to any email from the IRS or anyone else telling you the good news of your tax refund. These ARE SCAMS that are intended to steal your confidential identity information.

Beware of "phishing" schemes where you get an email asking you to update information about your bank or other financial account. I wish I had as many accounts as I get emails of this sort. These are also out to steal your identity and your money.

Protect your confidential tax materials. As the materials come to you, keep them in an organized safe place until you get them to us. When we return them to you, keep them in an organized safe place as well.

Consider occasionally obtaining a credit report for you and spouse. When you get that, go through the report and make sure that all of the credit cards and other items are in fact yours. If not, you need to contact these companies and let them know that these are not your items.

Keep your life more simple - less accounts, less charge cards, etc., means less opportunities for people to find your confidential information.