John M. Hoffman CPA

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James "Jim" Maguire


  • BS Business Administration

Northeastern University


  • Avid sport fan and sports trivia master


  • Proud Grandfather


  • Married (Martha) many years

Jim was born and raised in the greater Boston area and has lived and worked in this area most of that life (so far).

Aside from working for John, Jim has his own business of providing tax and accounting services to many small businesses in the Boston area. In John's office, Jim specializes in reviewing individual income tax returns. "I don't know how Jim identifies some of the points he does while reviewing a return. In addition to having a memory like an elephant for client matters, Jim has a keen sense of tax issues". John often says, "I am sure glad to have Jim as part of the team".

Jim sets a great example in being eco friendly by not owning an automobile. Jim indicates that the lack of a car ("cah") actually makes life easier. "There is so much public transportation, and Boston is a great walking city". If Jim or his wife need a car, whether it be for work or to visit grandchildren, they use "Zipcar".

Hat's off to Jim for his approach!

Jim has worked with John for over 25 years. Jim's memories of Boston are vast, including marching with Martin Luther King while a college student.