John M. Hoffman & Associates CPAs

Tax Organizer / Questionnaire

Commonly Omitted Information

This handy checklist serves as a reminder of some of the many things that we need to complete your tax returns.

Information on specific estimated tax payments. This must include the amounts and dates of the actual payments (we don’t assume that you paid what we asked you to). A copy of the instruction schedule that we provided last year works very well.

NEW FOR 2007 (and forward) - Massachusetts taxpayers need to provide us with information about their health insurance coverage (Medicare is an example of coverage). If your insurer provided you with form 1099-HC please provide that to us. Massachusetts will deny your personal exemption if you don't indicate evidence of health insurance.

We also request that you provide us with the following documents (if applicable) that the Internal Revenue Service already has (we return all of these to you):

In order to properly report your investment income including capital gains and losses, especially for mutual funds, please be sure to provide us with:

    We need the real estate closing document (HUD form 1) on any real estate transactions (including mortgage refinancing) during the year (both buy and sale side of the transaction).  From these forms we get a starting point on your cost basis and usually a handful of deductions you might have missed.  Form 1099-S if applicable is helpful as well.

    Massachusetts rental information – please provide us with the name of your landlord as well as the amount of rent paid. The maximum deduction is based on $6,000 of rent, with a maximum tax savings of $159.

    The amount of alimony that you have paid…please don’t confuse this with any child support (which is not deductible)…and don’t forget we need the name and social security number of the alimony recipient in order to claim a deduction.

    Information on HYBRID automobile purchase for purpose of claiming that tax credit – we need make, model, and date purchased.

Don’t Forget: