John M. Hoffman CPA

Where we are located ?

While this should be a simple question.....

modern technology has given us a complex answer.

Most of John's client interactions are by email or telephone. Most clients send their tax data to John in Savannah. John does provide for client meetings in Massachusetts either at the client's place of business, home or John's office within his apartment in Boston. If you need to meet with John, just let him know and you will certainly be able to arrange something that works for all.

Please understand that the best way to reach John is by email at This reaches John wherever his is and he takes great pride in his responsiveness of getting back to his clients. If you think you need to talk to John, send him an email and include your phone number in a stand alone format. The stand alone format means no parentheses such as 617-835-5610. If you include the number like that, from his cell phone, John can click on the number and dial you right back (how is that for technology)?

The Savannah mailing addresses that John has provided is actually UPS stores where items mailed to John are secure in a locked mail box. Even though it has a box number, it is not a PO Box and you can ship by FedEx or UPS to that address.

The Boston address is actually John's apartment / office in West Roxbury. The mail slot is rather small, so please don't send or drop off materials that won't fit in a small mail slot. If you want to drop something off while I am in town, we can make arrangements for that.

If you are going to mail something, please send it to the Savannah address. If you want to drop something off, check the "Where's John?" page to see if he is or will be up north in the near future.