John M. Hoffman CPA

About This Web Site

This website was created by John M. Hoffman CPA.

You will notice that there are not a lot of flashing lights or fancy graphics. We want to keep this as a simple tool to help our clients.

We want to tell people about our business and what we do.

We want to have simple tax information including how to get your tax information to us.

When applicable we have information on each subject of how to best communicate the material being discussed to us at tax time. Click on the links to see sample pages from our tax organizer filled out. The blue ink is what a sample (model) client might provide to us. The green ink is information about the organizer form and the red ink is commentary.

We have also put links to other documents, checklists, and outside web locations for your convenience.

Give us your comments and suggestions including new areas to offer information on.