John M. Hoffman

Certified Public Accountant

Is John Retiring? NOT JUST YET...


With my move to Savannah and the downsizing of my practice, many friends have asked “Is John getting ready to retire”?

The answer is: “Not yet - but it is certainly a goal”.

The idea of not working and doing other things such as travel, volunteer work, and more recreation sounds appealing. However, none of these things would bring me pleasure if I was doing them with any fear of financial insecurity in the background.

Being hyper focused on finances and planning, I remain committed to working towards reaching certain financial goals, before I do any sizeable cut back in my work load. At the same time, I like to be honest and up front with people and tell them that there will be a day when I start making substantial reductions to my practice.

What I wanted to share, which I think is of value to my friends and clients, is the process by which I am going about this: